It can be a jungle out there, especially when it comes to finding the right proprietor of Italian furniture in Melbourne. Having a set of premium European furnishings for your interior or exterior is one of the best and most comfortable investments you can make.

Not only are they fantastically comfortable to sit on, but they’re designed to be subtle works of art that can be practically utilised all throughout the home. The nation is infamous for its artisan experts over the years, from pizza, pasta, music, art and Aperol, but their furnishings are still the more timeless exports. When you’re looking for Italian furniture in Melbourne, the temptation to run to the nearest outlet store is strong, but this can often lead to regretful decisions that end up being inferior to your desired outcome

The following step-by-step guide will help anyone looking to get their hands on some authentic and premium Italian furniture in Melbourne.

Measure Out First

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the Italian furniture in Melbourne that you’re after is by making sure the space you have set aside is adequate and appropriate. This means getting out the old trust tape measure and making sure you know the dimensions you’re working with. You don’t want to end up buying a piece of Italian furniture in Melbourne that looks beautiful but doesn’t quite fit into the room.

Measuring out can also lend itself to style as well as spatial encroaching. The ‘style’ and ‘feel’ of a room is quite easy to determine with enough practice, and if its your home or interior space that you’re looking to improve or enhance, having a good and reliable gauge of what colours go with what or if it’s a traditional or minimalist look you’re looking for, measuring out is the best way forward.

Budget Yourself

While Italian furniture in Melbourne is notoriously expensive (and for good reason), there is always a recommendation to keep monetary spending under some form of control. Having a limit for the amount you’re willing to spend overall is a good way to get started. Bear in mind, it is an investment so its always good to have a little more than you need.

Look For The Authenticity

Living area with Italian furniture in Melbourne

The research comes into play here, with the search for Italian furniture in Melbourne often leading you to corporate websites with all the trimmings of authenticity but no craftsmanship. The artisan nature of Italian furniture in Melbourne is where the crux of the value resides. Having a look through the various companies who showcase Italian furniture in Melbourne, and you’ll be able to determine if they’re the real deal or if they’re simply on the back of a trend from their previous work, testimonials and the story of the store or craft-house.

See It For Yourself

A lot of the best proprietors of Italian furniture in Melbourne will want to show off every inch and edge they have created in the flesh. This often means having a display shop or showroom where you can have a look for yourself and see what everyone is talking about. Its in this time that you can make some final assessments, visiting a showroom typically announces some intent to purchase in your purchasing journey so far.

If the final physical checks all check out, you’ve found your provider of quality Italian furniture in Melbourne.


After you’ve moved it in to your home or office, its time to enjoy it. Be careful before you buy, and always measure twice.

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