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Unlike the daggy bathers of yesteryear, designer swimsuits are stylish and hip. More than ever before swimwear brands are appearing on the runway and people are willing to invest in new trends and styles. Shoppers are no longer limited to just a few key brands, in fact nowadays it feels like there is an almost endless plethora of options. The many designer swimsuits on the shelves means that it has become overwhelming for shippers to choose and finding the right one to invest in can be difficult. Read on below for all of our top tips about finding the right fit at the right price.


Try before you buy

Designer swimsuits are not something you should buy sight unseen. It can be very difficult to tell how bathers are going to feel on the body without trying them on. Ideally, stylish designer swimsuits should fit snugly to your body but not feel too tight or uncomfortable. They also shouldn’t be loose at all, as they’ll expand in water which could cause them to fall down and become uncomfortable to wear on the beach. Your designer swimsuits should be a mix of a silhouette you enjoy and a fit that won’t cause you problems when it’s being used in the water.

Think about your shape when trying to find a silhouette or design that works for you. Some girls for example will prefer adjustable string designs, however bustier girls will find them lacking in support and may prefer to opt for designs with padding or ruching. You should also pay attention to how you look from behind, not just the front. Styles that rise up to your hips can make you appear taller and can make your hips appear wider, which is great for girls looking to accentuate their curves. Additionally, for those who need proper bust support, designer swimsuits with a halter and underwire are the way to go.

One good tip is to opt for bathers that aren’t a set as it can allow you to mix the size and style of your top and bottoms, helping you to find a fit that works for your body.


Think about how you feel in designer swimsuits

An important part of picking out new bathers is finding something that you feel confident in. Wearing bathers on the beach can be a bit of a vulnerable experience, you’ve typically got a lot more of your body on public display than you might be used to, so find something that makes you feel good! A suit that makes you feel good will stand the test of time and make you feel amazing all season. If something is making you feel self-conscious or is not quite ‘you’ skip and look for something you like.


Think about what you’ll be doing

When buying new bathers it’s very important to think about what kinds of function they’ll need to have. Will you for example be stepping out on the beach wearing your new set? Or will you be lying by a pool? Perhaps you even plan to go surfing? Different kinds of activities will call for different levels of support and comfort. If you’re tanning, then a string design is perfect but water sports might call for fuller coverage and more support. Different activities ask different things of your outfit, so it’s always a good idea to have a few sets on hand for different purposes. You might for example want a long-sleeved or full piece suit for more demanding activities and something streamlined and comfortable for lounging or swimming.


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